Here are some FAQs

Generic drugs can be manufactured in countries other than the USA and Canada, such as India and the European Union.


They are safe because generic drugs are produced according to strict European and International regulations.


You can buy a prescribed drug online by sending a scanned copy of your prescription to our email (


Our Fildenasrx‘s standards and our working policy dictate that the minimum expiry date for delivered medicine should not be less than six months.

You can request a longer or better expiry date by contacting customer service.

Your medicine will be delivered within 10 to 14 days. Due to technical reasons, the delivery may take up to 30 days.

One reason is that delivery must pass custom control, which can take a while due to oversized packages, customs protocols, or modified flight schedules.

You can track your order if you have a tracking number from the logistics company. It is possible to track your order even if you don’t have a tracking number. However, this will depend on the business.

When placing an order, you can always ask Customer Service for the name and contact information of the logistic company.


You can cancel your order if it has not been shipped. We will refund your money in this case and charge you for the cancellation fee.

Orders shipped or processed by us cannot be cancelled, which can sometimes happen within 12 hours of placing an order.


You must contact us immediately in this instance, and we will send you the correct dose of medicine.

  • I placed my order but didn’t receive confirmation via email. Why?

In a matter of seconds, you will receive an email confirming your order was successfully processed.

You may not have received a confirmation email. Here are some reasons.

  • Please check your Junk or Spam mailbox if you do not receive email notifications from the site.
  • If you see confirmations in Junk or Spam mailboxes, click on the “Mark as good” or “Add a sender for white-list”. This will ensure that emails from our site do not appear in Junk or Spam mailboxes.


An invalid email address may be why you don’t receive email notifications. If you registered for an account or created an order, you will need to re-register if you registered with an invalid email address.

Due to regulations, some medicines that are not registered as medical devices or drugs cannot be bought.

Most likely, you did not enter a Security code (password) in the final step.

Even if you’ve used your online payment card in the past, your bank may use the Mastercard Security code or Verified by Visa protocols, which means that you will need to use it for all other transactions.

MasterCard Security code and Verified Visa online payments offer the main benefits of the MasterCard Security Code and Verified Visa.

The Bank and the cardholder transmit sensitive data, and all payments are made with the passcode/secure code that only the cardholder knows.

– Your card does not have sufficient funds. If this happens, the system will reject your transaction.

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